Bonus Draw Deadlines

Draw Date Online Retail Malls Onsite
Early Bird 6-Jun-24 2:00 PM 3-Jun-24 9:00 PM 25-May-24 Store Closing 5-Jun-24 Mall Closing 5-Jun-24 Closing
July Bonus Draw 1 11-Jul-24 2:00 PM 8-Jul-24 9:00 PM 29-Jun-24 Store Closing 10-Jul-24 Mall Closing 10-Jul-24 Closing
July Bonus Draw 2 25-Jul-25 2:00 PM 22-Jul-24 9:00 PM 13-Jul-24 Store Closing 24-Jul-24 Mall Closing 24-Jul-24 Closing
Fair Draw 22-Aug-24 2:00 PM 19-Aug-24 9:00 PM 10-Aug-24 Store Closing 21-Aug-24 Mall Closing 21-Aug-24 Closing

You could win more than one prize!

Bonus Draw winners are re-entered for all remaining draws.

Final Deadline

Subsidiary Prizes 50/50 Draw Grand Prize Package
Retail Deadline by store closing* August 17 August 17 August 17
Malls by store closing September 2 September 2 September 2
On site (PNE Fairgrounds) September 2 (11pm) September 2 (11pm) September 2 (11pm)
Phone & Website orders September 2 (11:59pm) September 2 (11pm) September 2 (11pm)


Draws for all prizes (except the Bonus Draws) are held on September 9, 2024, with the Grand Prize (house) draw taking place live on Global News Hour at 6.