Bonus Draw Deadlines

Draw Date Online CHQ/MO Retail Malls Onsite
Early Bird 8-Jun-23 2:00 PM 5-Jun-23 9:00 PM 5-Jun-23 9:00 PM 27-May-23 Store Closing 7-Jun-23 Mall Closing 7-Jun-23 Closing
July Bonus Draw 1 6-Jul-23 2:00 PM 3-Jul-23 9:00 PM 3-Jul-23 9:00 PM 24-Jun-23 Store Closing 5-Jul-23 Mall Closing 5-Jul-23 Closing
July Bonus Draw 2 20-Jul-23 2:00 PM 17-Jul-23 9:00 PM 17-Jul-23 9:00 PM 8-Jul-23 Store Closing 19-Jul-23 Mall Closing 19-Jul-23 Closing
Fair Draw 24-Aug-23 2:00 PM 21-Aug-23 9:00 PM 21-Aug-23 9:00 PM 12-Aug-23 Store Closing 23-Aug-23 Mall Closing 23-Aug-23 Closing

You could win more than one prize!

Bonus Draw winners are re-entered for all remaining draws.

Final Deadline

Subsidiary Prizes 50/50 Draw Grand Prize Package
Retail Deadline by store closing* August 19 August 19 August 19
Cheques & Money Orders September 1 (9pm) September 1 (9pm) September 1 (9pm)
On site (PNE Fairgrounds) September 4 (11pm) September 4 (11pm) September 4 (11pm)
Phone & Website orders September 4 (11:59pm) September 4 (11pm) September 4 (11pm)

*Tickets can also be purchased at Overwaitea Foods Group locations


Draws for all prizes (except the Bonus Draws) are held on September 11, 2023, with the Grand Prize (house) draw taking place live on Global News Hour at 6.