1. ELIGIBILITY—The Lottery is open to the public but not to members of the Board of Directors, contract employees of the Pacific National Exhibition, those associated directly with the Lottery, or their immediate families and any other person residing in the same household. Tickets may be sold and purchased only in British Columbia.
  2. HOW TO ENTER—Tickets purchased through the phone, mail, retail outlet, or ordered online will be printed for you and deposited directly into the barrel. For purchases made onsite or at mall and event locations, print your name, address, telephone number on the tickets and deposit into the designated white boxes before midnight on September 2, 2019. The five vehi­cle draws, five cash draws, Trev Deeley motorcycle, and five vacation voucher draws will be held September 9, 2019 between 1:30pm-5:30pm with the final Grand Prize Draw held between 6pm and 7pm on September 9, 2019. All tickets, including all winning tickets from previous 2019 draws, will be eligible for all draws if purchased by deadline. There are four Bonus Draws. The Early Bird Draw will be held at 2pm June 20, Jet Away Draw (1) July 04, Jet Away Draw (2) July 25, and the Fair Bonus Draw August 22, 2019. All draws are held at the Pacific National Exhibition (2901 E. Hastings St, Vancouver, BC). All prizes are drawn manually from a barrel in order of ascending value. Ticket buyers must be 19 years of age or older. If a winning ticket bears a minor’s name, the prize will be lawfully delivered on behalf of the minor to the minor’s parent, legal guardian or trustee.
  3. LICENSE—The PNE Prize Home Lottery is licensed by the Province of British Columbia. BC Gaming Event License #114892
  4. PRIZES NON-REFUNDABLE—The Lottery prizes must be accepted as awarded and have no cash equivalent and are not transferable or refundable. No substitutions are permitted by winners. Costs incurred in picking up the prize awarded are borne by the winner.
  5. ENTRIES—All entries become the property of the Pacific National Exhibition and no entries will be returned.
  6. PUBLICITY—Winners consent to the release of their names by the licensee.
  7. RELEASE—As a condition of and in consideration for receiving all or any part of the Grand Prize Package, the winner of the Grand Prize Package will be required to execute a release, waiver and indemnity in favor of the Pacific National Exhibition, its officers, directors, employees and agents, releas­ing the aforesaid from any and all liability, damages, costs and expenses which may be suffered or incurred by the winner arising from or in any way connected to the prizes awarded and indemnifying the aforesaid in respect of any such claim of any third party.
  8. TICKETS—Only 114,000 sheets of tickets will be printed during the Lottery period (39,000 sheets of 2 tickets, 45,000 sheets of 6 tickets, and 30,000 sheets of 15 tickets). Each ticket is eligible for all draws if purchased by deadlines stated. Chances are 1 in 798,000 (total tickets for sale) to win a grand prize; actual odds depend on number of tickets sold.
  9. DETERMINATION OF PRIZE VALUES—Any reference as to the value of any prize is the estimated suggested retail replacement cost of such prize as quoted by the suppliers of such prize at the date of the commencement of the Lottery. Entrants should be aware that the fair market value and the actual resale value of any prize may be less than the stated value. The Pacific National Exhibition in no way represents or warrants that any prize winner will be able to obtain equivalent cash value upon resale of any prize. The total fair market value of all the prizes is $2,708,525.06
  10. CUTOFF TIMES AND DATES—Bonus Draw cutoffs for cheques, money orders, phone, and online sales are at 9pm on June 17, July 2, July 22, and August 19, 2019. Bonus Draw cutoffs for retail sales are June 8, June 22, July 13, and August 10, 2019. Retail sales end August 19, 2019 (by store closing). Vendor sales at PNE grounds and mall kiosk sales will be cut off at closing on June 19, July 3, July 24, and August 21, 2019 for each of the Bonus Draws. The PNE must receive all cheque orders by September 2, 2019. No tickets will be sold over the phone or on-line after midnight September 2, 2019. Ticket sales will cease on PNE grounds at midnight and all ticket boxes will be collected shortly after.
  11. LIMITATIONS—In the event of any loss to or destruction of any tickets whether through inadvertent negligence or any cause whatsoever, the liability of the PNE shall be limited to the cost of the ticket provided that no compensation will be made in absence of proof of purchase to the satisfaction of the PNE.
  12. GRAND PRIZE—Total Grand Prize package is worth over $2,081,019 (estimated suggested retail replacement value at date of the commencement of the Lottery; fair market value and actual resale value may be less). The PNE will determine the location and sitting of the Prize Home on the lot located at 2191 Lavetta Drive, Kelowna. A minimal level of landscaping will be provided on the lot at the PNE’s sole discretion.

All winners will be contacted by phone or registered mail. A winners list will be posted on www.pneprizehome.ca and published September 17, 2019 in The Province newspaper.


Pacific National Exhibition, 2901 East Hastings St., Vancouver, BC V5K 5J1 (604) 253-2311


Know your limit, play within it. For Help: 1-888-795-6111 or www.bcresponsiblegambling.ca