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Bonus Draw Deadlines

Draw Date Credit Card CHQ/MO Retail Malls Onsite
Early Bird 8-Jun-23 2:00 PM 5-Jun-23 9:00 PM 5-Jun-23 9:00 PM 27-May-23 Store Closing 7-Jun-23 Mall Closing 7-Jun-23 Closing
July Bonus Draw 1 6-Jul-23 2:00 PM 3-Jul-23 9:00 PM 3-Jul-23 9:00 PM 24-Jun-23 Store Closing 5-Jul-23 Mall Closing 5-Jul-23 Closing
July Bonus Draw 2 20-Jul-23 2:00 PM 17-Jul-23 9:00 PM 17-Jul-23 9:00 PM 8-Jul-23 Store Closing 19-Jul-23 Mall Closing 19-Jul-23 Closing
Fair Draw 24-Aug-23 2:00 PM 21-Aug-23 9:00 PM 21-Aug-23 9:00 PM 12-Aug-23 Store Closing 23-Aug-23 Mall Closing 23-Aug-23 Closing

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Bonus Draw winners are re-entered for all remaining draws.