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Embrace the spirit of adventure with us as we introduce the 2023 Ember RV Overland Series 171FB – your next companion on the open road. This compact marvel is where coziness meets the boundless freedom of exploration, tailored for our vibrant community of adventurers. It’s more than just an RV; it’s a pledge to unforgettable journeys and shared stories, all wrapped up in a design that’s as heartwarming as our shared dreams. With the Overland Series 171FB, every turn on the map is an opportunity for discovery, inviting us all to join in the excitement and ask together: “Where to next?” Let’s venture into the horizon, united by the thrill of adventure and the promise of making every moment count.


  • Truma Combi: High Efficiency LP Water Heater and Furnace Combo
  • Jack-knife Sofa with Removable Table (converts from lounging to sleeping)
  • Hidden Wardrobe Storage behind TV
  • EmberLink™ Smart RV Control System
  • Gear Box: Tongue-Mounted, Formed Aluminum, LP and Lockable Storage Box
  • Outside Kitchen with 1.6 cu.ft. Fridge (room for optional Griddle)

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